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I Am Susceptible to Marketing

I am susceptible to marketing, this I know is true.

I am your target market. I am a female, mom, high income, technology savvy bleeding heart.

You know the Pocket Hippo?

I wanted one.

You know the crying salt shaker?

I wanted to save him.

You know the super cute minis in the Excel commercial?

I wanted to hug them.

Yes, I really am influenced by marketing.

I remember being insulted when I started my training at the now closed Eaton’s department store in the 90’s. They told me that their target market is women. They took¬†advantage¬†of this by putting the children’s clothing and men’s clothing closest to the doors. This way you can get them to come into the store, pick something up for their husband or children and then approach the women’s clothes. This way they will feel like they “deserve it”.

Marketing is so funny. I work in online marketing everyday and I am still susceptible to marketing. I cry from commercials, suggestions to try products in magazines send me to the grocery store.

Over 10 years later, I am the target market and I DO feel like I “deserve it”.