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Good Mom vs Bad Mom

Okay, you caught me. I totally apologize too much. Seriously!

My friend @QtHunnyB and I usually make a trip to the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market every couple of weeks. We gather up our little people in their strollers, catch up on life, stock up on carbs and drink a lot of coffee.

This Saturday, we met an old friend of mine and her daughter who pointed out our system of getting through the crowds. After much though and analysis, we decided to call the system “Good Mom vs Bad Mom”.  We find it so funny. @QtHunnyB never apologies unless she really means it. She figures that with two big strollers, people should get out of our way, Moses like. It’s simple, people in her way…should get out. We deemed her Bad Mom. Not because she is a terrible mother (she is a fantastic mom), she honestly doesn’t care what these people think about her after she gets out of the hippy haven with her chicken pepperoni.

I am the complete opposite. I follow right behind her saying “excuse me”, “sorry”, “oops!” and “thank you!”. I am always apologizing! I worry about hurting people’s feelings and I can’t handle it (at all) when I think people don’t like me or that I believe they haven’t given me a fair chance. @QtHunnyB has a point but, how does a person let go?

I was recently given an accolade in conference call with one of my clients. He reminded me of one of the first conversations that we had. He called me on my cell at 9:00 on a Sunday night and I missed his call. At 7:30 am the next morning, I called him back and the first thing out of my mouth was “I am sorry I missed your call….”. He laughed and said that he needs a sales person like me, someone that apologizes for missing a call at night, on the weekend, on my personal cell phone. Is this really an accolade? Does this make me Good Mom?

Maybe there is someone in the middle of Good Mom vs Bad Mom? Okay Mom? What do you think?