My Darling Baby


My Darling Baby,
I’m sorry this took me so long to write. People have told me that time heals wounds and that things get easier. Although losing you hurts less now, I think of you every single day.
In my heart, I know you are a boy. My little man. They told me that you weren’t able to be born because you weren’t perfect. I disagree. You are a perfect little soul and feel your presence all around me.

We only shared tissue, blood and a heart for a short time. I’m also sorry for this. In the beginning, I thought I had done something wrong or that I didn’t deserve you. I know now that you were just too sensitive for this time. Too pure. Too innocent.

Your sisters are amazing. They are curious, sweet and very compassionate. All of the traits I know you would have shared. When they get older, I’ll tell them all about their little brother that just wasn’t able to be born. I know they will love and care for your spirit as much as I do.

As much as I questioned everything that took place during those months, I know you fought and struggled to be born. My little fighter. I will never forget this part of your soul.

In my heart, I believe we will meet again and that we’ve been connected many times over. You are a part of me in so many ways. My heart aches to hold you again. I will never forget you, my love.


  • kozmo

    I don’t imagine to know what it is you went through. I just want you to know that you have good friends that are here for you.