Energy Messes With My Electronics


A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in Roast working. Yes, actually working. It sure is nice to be able to grab your laptop, an iced Americano and a spot in the sunlight to inspire some creativity. On this day though, my brand new laptop kept shutting on and off. It did this for about a minute and a half before I finally realized what was going on.

I was giving a whole lot of Reike to a friend that was close to the building. I called her to see if she was okay and asked her to allow it to go where it needed to and to allow it to help.  A couple minutes later, I got a text message from her asking if it was better now. It was.

This is a normal occurrence for me. Well, that’s not the whole truth. I did shut down all of the energy coming to me and from me as a defence mechanism for quite some time, but that’s behind me now. If you don’t know what Reike is, it’s based on the premise that energy can not be created nor destroyed. I have the ability to tap into the energy around me to use it to heal or help others. Sometimes, I call on it and sometimes, like the instance above, it just starts flowing out of my head and hands. I can’t control it. It’s not painful or uncomfortable for me at all, I’m just a channel. I do wish it wouldn’t mess with my electronics though. Pretty much anything I touch can shut down or act really strange without warning. I’ve never totally wrecked anything though. I just cause surges.

I’ve always been intuitive to energy. In fact, most kids are. The next time you go out with a child, find someone random and ask the child what colour they are or how they think that person is feeling. As we age, we start trusting logic over intuition and you just stop seeing things in an energetic way. Honestly, I could talk about this for hours.

Back to the point of this post.

I have been doing a lot of work on myself lately. I’ve been focusing on my spirituality, my reaction to situations and my true feelings. I think I’ve gone through 2 journals in the past 2 months. So much change is happening around me. It’s been hard to focus or sleep. I’m finally getting to a point where my anxiety is lessening and I’m trying so hard to relax.

And then this happens…

After work yesterday, I went to my friend Tara’s house to have my crystals cleaned. This isn’t a euphemism, I carry around crystals and they needed to be cleaned. While I was there, Tara started doing some energy work on me and then I saw one of her hands start doing this weird circle thing. It’s something that I have seen many times before, spirits were talking to her.

As an aside, it’s pretty fun to have a psychic/medium as a best friend. It certainly makes things interesting. Especially when she says things like “Just a sec Jen, someone’s dead grandpa is hanging out on my front yard. I’ll call you right back”. Or knowing that at some point in the night, I may have to contact someone I know to tell them to call Tara because someone has a message for them. I get that people don’t believe in this stuff and I can totally see why. The logical side of my brain is really skeptical and I even though I have seen this happen first hand, I still question everything.

Back to yesterday afternoon.

Tara starts doing the hand thing and pacing. I figured I knew who was coming through and I was right. It was my former mother-in-law. I find it a little funny that she used to show up unannounced at my house when she was alive and she is still doing it now. She’s sweet. Her messages are always ones of love and pride. I can feel when she’s around and I know she’s been trying to communicate with me. Mostly because the painting she gave me years ago, keeps making itself crooked on my wall. I also know that she’s been talking to my daughters. Tenesea started asking me questions about her a couple of days ago. Why was grandma in heaven? Why did she die? The discussion we had was one that she could have had without being prompted. I know she visits.

In the past, she has told me that she met little Azalee before she came down to earth. She said that birds sang when Azalee was born. I believe that. This visit was to remind me that she’s around and well, she really loved/loves to talk and force Tara to communicate messages to me. Apparently, I’m supposed to find a charm bracelet that she left behind and take better care of myself. I can do both.

Once the communication with my former MIL was over, I figured we were done. Turns out, not even close.

The next to present themselves was my grandma. This was the first time that she’s talked to me although, I know she’s been hanging around me for years. She talked to me about my dogs (she hates them) and certainly didn’t mince words when we talked about my grandpa having a dog now: “Don’t even ask me how I feel about that”. She told me that she was sorry she never found the right words to tell me how much she loved me. She said that sometimes, we don’t connect on the right level on earth.

I always knew my grandma loved me. She had a really funny way of showing it. Mostly, she challenged everything in order to get me to strive higher. If I got 85% on a test, she would ask me where the other 15% was. You don’t even want to know what she said to me when she found out I had a tattoo. She had me on a pedestal and according to her now, I have exceeded her expectations and she was really proud of me. One part that stood out was her telling me that she prompts me to buy flowers for me and the girls. Funny enough, I had just picked up flowers at the grocery store before going to Tara’s.


With two spirits coming forward, I figured that Tara would be done and I would get my friend back. Not quite.

Tara saw a young lady come forward. The first thing the spirit said is that we have a connection with a song and music. As soon as she said that, I knew exactly who it was- my friend Marie who passed away in high school. She talked about why she chose to commit herself to me and about how happy she was now. She had met her soul mate/twin and now she got to spend time harassing her step-mom, who was super mean to her when she was on earth. We talked about mutual friends, her brother and according to Tara, she kept putting her hands in the air and screaming “You can do this!”. Then she digressed into how much she missed ice cream, cake and candies. Wherever she is, she still has a sweet tooth. At the end she thanked me for writing about her and remembering her.

Working on myself has brought out the most amazing things- happy, sad and everything in-between. My ability to read energy is getting stronger as I open up to the possibilities. I am more than aware that most of you reading this will think I’m insane. Some of you will be able to empathize with me and others will try and justify my experiences. Hell, I don’t even know why I decided to write about this in my blog. Must just be another way that I am connecting and working on myself.

  • Joveena

    Thanks Jen, I LOVED this Blog & getting to know you just a little better. I really wish more folks would share their authentic selves like you’ve done, although I acknowledge its not always easy. I strongly believe in energy & intuition; you have some extraordinary gifts Jen. Thanks for sharing!! <3

  • Breezy

    This is amazing Jen! I have an appt booked with Tara in July and I’m super excited. I also blogged about the charm I gave you last weekend. There seems to be a lot of soul searching as of late. Fitting for Spring! I’m happy you are reaping the benefits of all your love and hard work!

  • reileycat

    We have more in common than you could possibly imagine, Jen. Cool post, thanks for sharing!

  • Tara S

    So happy to have brought these messages to you lady! Much love to you and thanks for sharing your thoughts about the experience!