A love letter to my baby


My Dearest Azalee:
A year ago today, you came into this world. 9 months before that, you were just a tiny little bean in my body.

When I found out I was pregnant with you, I was cautiously excited. I went to bed every night, rubbed my tummy and told you how much I already loved you and asked you to find a way to be extra sticky.

The doctors sent us to an early ultrasound and the tech went right to your tiny beating heart. I must have asked the lady 20 times if she was sure everything was okay. Each time she told us you looked perfect, more tears formed. Happy tears.

You forced me to eat watermelon, Kraft Dinner, bubble tea and Pizza Pops. The cravings were insane. You were stubborn even before you were born.

When we were waiting for you to arrive, your dad and I made a bet. I bet your dad $100 that you were going to be a boy. Obviously I lost. Funny thing? I never gave him the money. Don’t tell him, okay?

As soon as you were out in the world, you were so calm and sweet right away. You didn’t fuss or freak out. We started calling you a zen baby.

I was scared I wouldn’t have enough time or love for 2 kids, but as soon as you came along, I knew I had enough love for 50 children. It helped that your big sister fell into her new role easily. She was such a great help with you.

This past year has had a lot of ups and downs for our family. Through it all, you’ve been so caring. It’s like you know when we need extra hugs and love.

My favourite times with you are when you wake up. Your rosy little cheeks and big smiles make melt. You also make me laugh during supper time. You love food and new experiences with it. You just started using a fork and it slays me with cute.

You are always so happy to see me. I hope you know how nice it is to be the beauty in your world right now. I hope our relationship always stays this way. I’ll protect you and teach you all about being kind and thoughtful in this crazy world and you just love me. Okay?

I’m so happy you came into my life and picked me as a mommy. I’m looking forward to our next year together. You teach me something new everyday and I absolutely love you for it.

Happy birthday my little monkey butt! I love you more every minute. You make my heart smile.



  • http://www.facebook.com/magzd.life Meaghan Dickert

    Happy birthday Azalee! I love you! Mwah!