How to get US Netflix in Canada


It all began with the need to watch the newest season of Sons of Anarchy. I would say it was a want, but no, I needed to see what was going on with Jax and Gemma right now.

I reached out to Twitter for ways to get US Netflix in Canada and tried a couple of suggestions:

Change my DNS to OpenDNS. The instructions are here. In essence, you change you DNS to one that Is open and voila! you can view US Netflix. I tried this and kept getting Netflix errors and buffering issues. I guess the key is to keep trying new DNS’ until you get the right one. When it comes to Sons of Anarchy (and most things in my life), I just don’t have the patience.

TunnelBear: TunnelBear is an app that can be used on iOS or Android. It’s really simple to set up and well, it’s a bear with lazers out of his eyes. That’s pretty rad. They have a free version, but it has a cap. You can pay the $5 a month to use it unlimited. If you are looking for something simple and only for a mobile system, it’s a great choice. Because I have the Chromecast and AppleTV, I do prefer UnblockUS.

UnblockUS: I love (and mostly use) UnBlock US . I can use it for my ChromeCast, Apple TV and iPad. I don’t have to keep changing my DNS and you can have as many devices attached to your home network as you want. I’ve taken my iPad with me travelling and still used the service. It’s totally worth the $5 a month.

The best part about changing your DNS, TunnelBear or Unblock US is that you don’t need to sign up for another Netflix account. Your access to shows and movies change to US or UK (you can chose your preference in the app, or Unblockus) as it looks like you are travelling. Cool, huh?

Not only am I planning on watching the last 2 seasons of Sons of Anarchy, I’ve added the final season of Nip/Tuck, Gossip Girl, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Californication and many movies to my list. At this rate, I’ll never go back to Canadian Netflix. Nope. Never.


Oh hai, Jax…

  • Phil Stewart

    I have to plug
    As a nerd, it hasn’t let me down yet. And dynamicDNS allows you to switch to multiple countries around the world. Simple set on your router and forget.

    • JenBanksYEG

      Very cool. I am going to try it out. Thank you!

    • chimpakaextraman

      I used too and i have access to the US netflix catalog from Canada, Works Great!!

  • Michael Williams

    Ugh, I’d posted something last night as soon as I saw the post but apparently it got eaten up.

    correct, Unblock-Us is a DNS redirector. It’s what I use for my Wii to
    watch Netflix because the subjectively better and free
    doesn’t support console machines.

    As a whole, DNS
    redirectors tend to be a better option to a VPN as they don’t decrease
    your actual connection speed with where ever you’re trying to connect
    to, as it’s only the location requests that are redirected. As Phil
    mentioned, Unblock-Us also supports many other countries outside of just
    the US or UK. For instance, it also supports Brazil who has a decent
    distribution agreement with Disney to have a number of their titles on
    their list.

    DNS redirection is definitely making an
    impact on the way things are being broadcast and streamed. has
    an interesting graph and blog post detailing their bandwidth
    consumption and usage during the 2012 Olympic games when North American
    users wanted to stream it from the BBC instead of having to deal with
    NBC’s horrible commentating.

    For me, the 5 bucks a
    month that unblock-us provides is well worth the additional price. If I
    could convince the wife to move from the Wii for streaming to an HDMI
    connected desktop running something like XBMC, then that price would drop with Tunlr’s free service.

    • JenBanksYEG

      Awesome to know. Thanks Micheal!

  • Tanknub

    I am using hotspot shield..I find it works awesome for watching US feed…just connect, and log onto netflix….occasionally, it will come up with a “location not recognized”, normally just means it is a state that does not allow streaming, disconnect and reconnect and all should be good…

  • HowToGetUSNetflix

    Hey Jen, thanks for shedding light on this topic to your readers! It’s great to see more Canadians learning the truth :)

    I started my own website last year with the purpose of teaching as many Canadians as I can about how to get American Netflix in Canada (and why they should)

    Here’s my site:

    I’ve tested almost every SmartDNS service. Ie: Unblock-us, Unotelly, Blockless, Overplay and a few VPN services like HMA vpn.

    I have come to the conclusion that Blockless & Unblock-us are the best. I’m currently suggesting others use Blockless to get American Netflix mainly because they have great support and they’re $0.74 cheaper than Unblock-us if you pay by Paypal. (every dollar saved counts in the course of a year!) but they are both great services.

    By the way it’s my first time to your blog, I’ll be sure to subscribe to your rss.



  • leelee

    I live in canada and i was trying to access american netflix based on the instructions above….. Just a note to everyone who is trying that it doesnt work!!!!

    • JenBanksYEG

      Which instructions were you trying, Leelee?

  • Lovethenorth

    Thanks for this. Teenaged son is currently having a temper tantrum because our OPSDNS stopped working and he can’t watch–you guessed it–Sons of Anarchy. :-)

  • Christina

    I use a service called Show Monkey
    They offer a 7 day free trial so you can try it out. I use it on my PS3, Xbox, iPad, etc. It’s been working great and it’s only $5/month. Great value considering all the content it unblocks for me. I only change the DNS on certain devices so I can still get the Canadian content on the others. Cable is officially gone!

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  • habanerogal

    I also have suggestion for those on Mozilla Firefox there is an addon called Media Hint that allows access to all of the US network feeds, Hulu, Netflix etc. Just remember to disable it if you want to “go Canadian” again !

    • Lois

      This worked for me! Bonus as it’s free!

    • Sheri

      This took a couple of minutes to do and worked great!! Super simple to download the add on, just a few quick steps and within minutes you have a ton of new movies and shows to watch. All I can say is WOW! I can’t believe what I’ve been missing!!

    • Night Fury

      buddy you just need fastest vpn service to stream quickly and stream well, that’s all here is the list of 5 fastest VPN service for Netflix

    • Sally Croft

      VPN service like PureVPN is the only option to access Netflix outside USA or in Canada. It works great here

  • Dennis

    The DNS solution works well for Netflix, but a VPN based solution will give you access to any website and not just the ones supported by Unblock US and the other DNS sites out there. If you want to give the VPN approach a try then here is guide

    • Douglas Krug

      These are all great ideas, but the hassel is you either have slow connections, you run out of usage, or not all your devices get access. With a VPN enabled WiFi router, you can have an always on connection to allow ANY device to access any US or UK content with no limits for just $5/month. Best of all, your online activity is encrypted and kept private from your ISP. Here’s how to do it –

  • just use a free DNS

    Hey jen. You’re a loser and you have the grammatical stylings of a grade 10 drop out.

  • James Mesmo

    I am using free streaming and legal site ,

  • Awk

    I tried it but when I connect using the VPN to the us, Netflix will not show me US content or Canadian content from my PC.. Any ideas?

    • JenBanksYEG

      Hi Awk,
      You need to shut the Netflix app down completely and the login. You could also shut down your device, restart, start the VPN and then login to Netflix. That usually works for me.

  • sandra

    I’ve been looking for a solution forever… unotelly did the trick with ease. Only $5/month. Don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier?! Now to reduce my rogers bill;0)

  • Tracy

    OMG girl, you are so right about Tunnel Bear!! I had tried a bunch of things and nothing was as simple and smooth as TB. Plus, a grizzly with lasers shooting out of his eyes? You KNOW they mean business ;)

  • HelloMate

    I’ve been using UnoDNS to watch American and British Netflix in Canada and it works brilliantly: Enjoy!

  • hotspot shield launch
  • John


    Anybody tried this service from ? They provide Free Online TV Streaming. I already signed up with them, already tried it. So far the service works great. But I just need to get any idea from people who have tried their service. They gave 7 days free trial then another 7 days free to like the facebook page.

    Anyone here tried them? Here’s their site

    Please give info.


  • Mybelle23

    Thanks for the tips! I will try your for phones, ipads, wii, etc. But thank you to habanerogal’s tip to use the add on for Firefox! Worked like a charm.

  • Atheba offers a DNS service that unblocks (Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/CinemaNow) and they have a rewards program for subscribing. Well worth it for $5 p/m

  • Thelma W. Bowman

    I am using trickbyte for 5 months now and so far I don’t have any problem.

    If you watch only netflix and hulu, no need to spend $5/month like that. I’m using it’s only $2.99/month.

  • Chevy Snow

    That’s a good article. I personally prefer UnoTelly. It’s similar to unblock-us (or other DNS service) but they offer a DNS server close to physical location and I can achieve better performance.

  • jamesdurum

    I have tested quite a few unblocking services and was the only stable one I came across. Great speed and quality. Besides they have a free 7 day trial.

  • David Clark

    VPN is the only best option that you can choose to watch Netflix outside the USA in any other region like, Canada, I am also using VPN for Netflix in Canada and its working fine here you should also try this once :)

  • Sorenson

    In the start, it looked that it’s just a matter of time and Netflix will be unable to stop VPN users but Netflix did it. However, Netflix should understand that by blocking VPN users it is increasing piracy. If a user used to watch US only movies and shows on Netflix from Australia using a VPN. he’ll watch them anyways. If Netflix blocks him, he’ll use a Canada VPN like Ivacy to download torrents of these movies and shows. Hence, this Netflix act will only increase the piracy.

  • Lizzy

    Netflix CA lacks so many great contents available on Netflix US. Hide My IP vpn’s smart DNS service still works for Netflix. I can access US content :D Hide My IP seems a great deal at $2.95/mo.

  • Alex Solo

    VPN service like ExpressVPN is the only option to access Netflix and HULU outside USA or in Canada.
    Here is the list of 5 fastest VPN service for Netflix