Lincoln MKS and Zombies

I was offered a week with a 2013 Lincoln MKS from Focus Communications and Ford. Of course I said yes, but then I wondered what the heck I would review about it. I know nothing about cars, so I based it on features that would be important to me during a zombie apocalypse.

You may wonder why the looks of a car would be important during a zombie apocalypse, but they are. Yes, zombies won’t be wowed by a shiny, beautiful and spaceship like vehicle, but you might need to reproduce to keep the human race going. This car will help you attract humans of the opposite sex.



It’s one beautiful machine.

This car is so fast. Seriously. This is the car that will get you some major speeding tickets if you aren’t careful. Good thing there are no photo radar tickets during a zombie apocalypse.

If you are the type of person that likes to follow the rules, you can actually see the speed limit in the dash.

Speed is a major factor when fleeing from zombies and for running them over. If you hit a zombie when you are going too slow, you risk blood and guts all over and the possibility of a broken windshield. The MKS is crazy fast. No worries here.

What happens when you are going fast in one direction and then see zombies and have to go quickly in another direction? Reversing is easy in the MKS, there’s a handy back up camera and it even beeps when you are getting too close to something. Perfect for finding popup zombies. It also corners like a dream.

Cargo Space
Cargo space is important during a zombie uprising. You need somewhere to put all of your necessities and ammunition.


I could fit all of my Costco shopping and a stroller in the trunk. I suspect it would hold at least 2 bodies as well.

Added Features:

Park Assist: I love this feature so much. Park assist will park your car with the touch of a button. This would come on handy when you are thinking more about zombies than parking. Especially if your passengers are screaming.

Stereo System: Music will make or break your zombie killing experience. Throw on some Enya and you might as scream “come eat my brains”. Blast some Biggie Smalls instead and turn it up. The speaker system in the Lincoln MKS almost demands you play it loud.

Didn’t remember your Biggie CD when feeling from the city? No need to worry. You can play it off of your smartphone, UBS or Sirius.

Dual Sunroof:
Imagine how many extra zombies you can shoot with two sunroofs.

Night driving: If you need to drive at night when you are running from packs of zombies, this is your car. The dash lights up without being too bright or overpowering. The headlights even follow your turns. I loved driving at night in this vehicle.


Passenger Space: The only negative of my family using this car during a zombie apocalypse now is the carseats. The MKS fits a booster seat fine, but not a rear facing infant seat.

Every time the car shut down, the front seat went back to factory settings. This completely squished the car seat and it was hard to get it out of the vehicle. Once the MKS was turned back on, it would allow for more room.


Overall, the Lincoln MKS would be a great vehicle during the zombie apocalypse. It’s sleek, luxurious, fast and has a ton of great features. I would suggest that you wait until your children have grown past the baby stage though. You wouldn’t want to be struggling to get a car seat out with zombies around.

Big thanks to Ford and Focus for giving me the Lincoln MKS for the week. It was super fun to drive.

  • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    Best review ever. Basing your review on a zombie apocalypse… you’re a girl after my own heart.

  • Sarah

    Only you with the zombies. But you’re right! Dual sunroofs would prove advantageous! 

  • Kristeen Brady

    You have issues.  Seriously awesome issues. ;)

  • Adriel

    Did the roof look like it could handle a turret mount of some sort, or would the sunroof get in the way?

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