How Does She Do It?

I was recently asked “How Do You Do It?” By Urban Infant Magazine. Here is an excerpt:

Tell us about you, your children and where you live

My name is Jennifer Banks and I live in Edmonton. I have a hot, tattooed husband and two little girls- Tenesea, a 4 year old spitfire who refers to herself as Princess Spider-Man and a 4 month-old daughter named Azalee who is the sweetest, Zen baby you will ever meet (I may be a little biased).

I spend my time working at an online marketing company, blogging at and making myself laugh on social media- TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Pinterest.

Just recently, I started Make Jen’s Day. I asked my friends, family and social media peeps to give back to their community for my birthday as a way to say thank you to the people who helped me as a child. Within 4 days, 115 acts of giving, kindness and generosity took place. If Make Jen’s Day inspired that many people give back in 4 days, just imagine what we can do with 365! I’m current developing the website. It’ll be a place where people come together to celebrate giving, receiving and seeing small acts of giving that resulted in huge impacts on people’s lives.

Click her to keep reading. It gets a little funny, if I do say myself. 

Big thanks to Kjirsten for asking me to be a part of How Does She Do It. I had a lot of fun :)

  • Krista House

    Oh my gosh… I LOVE that Team America: World Police is your fave movie! I catch myself singing the theme song all the time. My husband will overhear me and join in, although we realize those days are basically over since our kids are old enough to repeat the chorus.

    I think I may have a girl crush on you!! :D