Cross Canada Giving for Make Jen’s Day

I’ve been crying happy tears on and off for a week now. Tonight, I am completely taken by the generosity, kindness and caring by my friend Brenda and her family.

Brenda was on vacation while I was asking people to grant my wish to give back for my birthday. When she got home yesterday, she told me she had a present for me. Here it is:

Hey Jen, here’s the gift our family worked on for you during our holidays. We decided to makejensday in each province that we visited on our trip.

We started with Elizabeth (being the oldest) she gave some of her favorite food to the Food Bank in Kenora, Ontario


Then Breya she gave her favorite items to the South-East Helping Hands Food Bank in Steinbach, Manitoba.


Oksana gave formula and baby food items to the Food Bank in Yorkton, Saskatchewan


Once we made it home to Alberta, we decided as a family to do something different, since we try to give to the food bank here at least once a month. We decided to bring flowers to the seniors home. It was great to see the smiles on their faces.


What a generous, thoughtful and downright fantastic way of giving back. I am absolutely floored by your ability to always help people in need. We are blessed to have you and your family in our lives.


I can only imagine the ripple effect that you started with this kindness, Brenda.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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  • moonglory

    thank you for each of your kindness , I am thinking into the future of christmas time where instead of spending money on things , I put it out there to have acts of kindness given and share a treasured gift hand made that will last a life time from recycled love . I would like to know I am not alone on this request let me know through email thanks