A video thank you for Make Jen’s Day | #MakeJensDay

I sat a the computer for almost an hour writing and re-writing a thank you for Make Jen’s Day. I finally gave up, put on some lipstick and turned my iPhone to capture my voice instead.

Thank you so much for making this birthday the best one I have ever had. I will never forget the generosity, kindness and compassion. This will stay in my heart forever.

Update: When I made the video, there were 79 acts of kindness and giving as part of Make Jen’s Day. Since then, even more people have come forward with stories and pictures.So far, people have given back to their communities as part of Make Jen’s Day 100 times. 100 TIMES!!. Just amazing! Make sure to keep a watch on makejensday.com, let’s keep the momentum going.

A big thank you also goes out to Annie, Jen, Tamara and Elizabeth for writing blog posts about Make Jen’s day.

Making Jen’s Day- PhD in Parenting

Noticing the Universe- Jen Beyer

Make Jen’s Day- You Are Fierce

Better Late Than Never. Go Ahead, Make Jen’s Day- Creative Betty

Thank you x1,000, 000. My heart is smiling.

If you like participating and sharing Make Jen’s day, please check out Grace in Small Things. It’s my happy place for gratitude.

UPDATED: Make Jen’s Day now has a website and Twitter and Facebook account. Come and connect with us!