Make Jen’s Day- Alex’s favorite charities in Toronto

I asked my friend Alex to give me a list of her favorite charities in Toronto, Ontario and area. These are the ones she chose:

1) Pregnancy & Infant Loss (PAIL) Network (previously Perinatal Bereavement Services Ontario): They need cash donations to help provide more support to families grieving pregnancy losses through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death

2) Covenant House:
Covenant House provide 24/7 crisis care for homeless youth including education, counselling, health care and employment assistance. They have a really cool site that will allow you to donate anything from one meal to a warm bed for a week. They will also take unused gift cards.

3)Interval House: Interval House provides a safe place for abused women and children. They are always looking for volunteers and donations. Heck, they’ll even take your old car.

4) Daily Bread Daily Bread is a food bank in Toronto. They need volunteers as well as donations of food or money to purchase food.

5) Evergreen: an environmental centre in the heart of downtown Toronto that makes cities more livable.

Huge thank you to Alex for providing me with this list, the on-going support of Make Jen’s Day and for being an amazing person and friend.

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