More Career Opportunities, Less Breast Cancer.

I am very excited to share sometime with you! I’ve been brainstorming ways to help people spend more time outside during the summer and less time working on their resumes, while raising money for charity.

More Career Opportunities, Less Breast Cancer.

For the month of July, I am going to be discounting resume consultation by $100. To make things even more awesome, I will donate 100% of an additional hour of consultation to Bust a Move. Where I will be stretching, dancing, kicking and mostly sweating to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research through the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Resume Consultation $50 (reduced from $150)

I will spend an hour:

  • Reviewing your current resume
  • Researching the industry
  • Looking through job descriptions of positions you are seeking

Then, we will have an hour long meeting (over Skype) where I will:

  • Offer feedback on your current resume including content, placement of pieces and consultation on how to modify your resume to get noticed by recruiters/head hunters and HR staff.

For an additional $25 (100% of this money will go to the Alberta Cancer Foundation), I will spend an extra hour on any of the following: 

  • Additional resume consultation
  • Career coaching- Are you on the path that you want? How do you make a dramatic career change?
  • Resume optimization- keyword research and inclusion in your resume to have it come up first in Google, LinkedIn and HR databases.
  • Job Interview coaching- for both in person and over the phone interviews
  • Job offer negotiations- including salary, benefits and perks.
  • Using social media to get your resume to stand out and approach potential employers.

Pretty cool, huh?

If you are interested in having your resume looked over by a professional and want to support my Bust a Move team, just email me at or direct message me on Twitter or Facebook. Keep in mind this is only for the month of July and I have a limited amount of time, so contact me right away.

Please note: This service is completely confidential. I will never disclose who I am working with.

Fine print:

This offer is only available for the month of July, 2012. After that time, the hourly pricing for resume consultation is $75/hour. Payment will be made by pay pal/cheque. 50% of the amount will be due before the consultation takes place and 50% will be due on the day that the consultation is complete. If you want to pay in full right away, that would be awesome. The pricing for the additional hour is dependent on having the consultation as well, this is not available by itself. Any additional hours used on top of the time indicated above will be approved by both parties and will be charged at $75/hour. This consultation does not include resume writing or implementation. I will be donating the add on money directly to Bust a Move. 


  • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    This is AWESOME! If I wasn’t going back to work at a job I love, I would pay for this service! The fact that you’re supporting such a great cause means you care… and that’s the kind of people that I like to work with. 

    Even though I don’t need these services now, I will file you away in the roledex of my mind for future use and/or recommendations for friends and family.

    • JenBanksYEG

      Awesome! Thanks, Jennifer!

  • Lori

    Such an awesome idea. Love it. Oh, I dream of adult time someday (; till then I will be surrounded with the shorties!  You are such a fab person for using your talents to give back! 

    • JenBanksYEG

      Thanks, Lori! That was kind of you to say :)

  • Ann

    This is great! I just found another way to support the breast cancer charities in Alberta; a site call that donates money toCanadian nonprofits as people use it to search the web. And it’s free. Pretty cool eh?