Being a Baby Formula Robin Hood

Breast feeding is free, but there are reasons why this may not work for every mom. The next alternative is formula feeding and it sure isn’t cheap.

Being a mom on a budget, I did my research into formula companies and found that one company provides the exact same, generic formula to Shopper’s Drug Mart, Superstore, Costco and Walmart. I watch for sales at each of these stores and get my baby’s formula at the lowest cost possible.

This really made me think. What about moms who truly can’t afford baby formula and have situations where they can’t breast feed?

While out with my friends last week, I brought this up. My friend Meaghan talked about her mom’s situation. When she had to put Meaghan on baby formula, it almost bankrupt the family. Literally.

Meaghan’s mom had her working husband to help and I have my EI payments and a working husband and it’s still hard sometimes.

Imagine how hard it is for a mom with a low income or an assisted income to feed her baby.

I called the Edmonton Food Bank and was told that they are always in need of baby formula. They will accept any kind of formula in any sized can or bottle. This is one of the items with the highest need.

I wish I had thought about this with my first daughter, but I am making up for lost time now.

I’ve become a baby formula Robin Hood

– I sign up for every mom group (online and through stores) available and welcome their formula packs.

– I ask for formula at the health care clinic by my house, while at appointments.

– I take a huge diaper bag to the pediatrician’s office and pile in as many free samples as I can before I get busted. Usually, I’ll even ask for some more after. They have never said no.

I take all of this formula and put it into the food bank box at my nearest grocery store.

Just the thought of not being able to feed my daughter breaks my heart. I couldn’t even imagine how hard this reality would be.

I know that the formula samples at the doctors’ offices, hospitals and health centers are provided by the formula company at no cost. If they are offering it, I’m taking it.

If you are wondering what to do with the baby formula that came in the mail or have cans that you won’t use, think about giving it to the food bank. Somewhere in your community, a mom and baby thank you.


This is going to the food bank tomorrow.


  • Sarah

    This is an excellent idea! You get a RT. ;) 

  • Sarah Inglis

    I just did this the other day!

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  • Tammi @ My Organized Chaos

    So true, it’s so expensive. Such an incredible idea!
    I’m doing this!!

  • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    I didn’t use formula with my first child, but I’ve had to supplement my breast milk with my second child… and you’re right about cost! That stuff can force you into taking a second mortgage out on your home!

    Since life-threatening dairy allergies run in the family, we’re limited to soy-based formulas with my baby. My biggest savings is holding onto my coupons and buying the formula only on 15% off Tuesday (the first Tuesday of the month) at Save-On-Foods. Between the coupon and 15% off, we can usually get a can for $17 – $20.

    When I get samples in the mail I donate them to the food bank as well.