I Will Never Own a Pair of Lululemon Pants


Yoga. Just the word makes my shoulders drop and my breath deepen. I can visualize the flow of my sun salutations and the absolute calm that comes over me during Shavasana.

When I practice yoga, it’s just me a mat and an hour and a half of guided stretching and meditation. Yoga makes me feel strong, powerful and grounded. Exactly how exercise should make you feel.

Recently, Kristi- the owner of a local yoga clothing boutique, stated on Facebook that she was frustrated with people comparing her company to Lululemon. I couldn’t agree with her more. Why would she want to be compared to Lululemon?

I remember walking into the brand new Lululemon store on Whyte Ave in the early 90’s. My friend Sarai and I went through the store and giggled at the “yoga wear”. We agreed that it was cool that they were a Canadian company, but the clothing was far too yuppie for our punk rock lifestyles. I didn’t think much of it.

When I started practicing yoga on a regular basis, I kept being told to go and buy some Lululemon pants. Supposedly, they had a magical ability to make anyone’s ass look good. I was skeptical, but I went into the store.

I looked through their racks and shrugged. A size 12 was an extra large? Seriously? The friend I was with told me that the fabric was stretchy and that I should just try them on anyway. I looked around at the size of the women in the store (including the staff) and they all had one thing in common, they were much smaller than me.

“lululemon athletica creates components for people to live longer, healthier and more fun lives. If we can produce products to keep people active and stress-free, we believe the world will become a much better place.” – Lululemon Manifesto

Apparently, their manifesto does not include plus-sized women.

In 2005, Chip Wilson- Lululemon’s Founder and CEO talked to the Calgary Herald about the reasons why Lululemon does not carry plus sizes.

Lululemon founder and CEO Chip Wilson says it takes 30 per cent more fabric to put together larger sizes. That stretchy fabric doesn’t come cheap, and he believes women looking for those larger sizes aren’t willing to shell out the extra money.

“It’s a money loser, for sure,” he says. “I understand their plight, but it’s tough.”

If Wilson charged more for plus-size clothes to recoup costs, he’s sure he would be taken to the human rights commission. Plus-size people, he says, are very sensitive.

According to Wilson, I am very sensitive, cheap and in an unfortunate situation. I can understand that Lululemon has their target market and I don’t fit into it (pun intended), but do you have to be an ass about it?

His comments bring up some questions:

  1. If plus sized women would need to spend more money for extra fabric in their clothing, would you give extra small women a discount?
  2. Why does Lululemon sell “plus sized” mens wear? Their sizing goes up to 40″. This would be a size 18-20 for women.
  3. Why did the XL sizing of Lululemon move from a size 14 to a size 12 in 2009?
  4. Now that Lululemon has moved their manufacturing to China from Canada, wouldn’t the cost of making bigger clothes be even less of an issue?
  5. If this is how the founder of the company feels towards plus sized women, how is message being presented to their staff members?

Shouldn’t a store so focused on health, well being and the power of exercise be embracing people of all shapes and sizes? Seems like some mixed messaging there.

Even if I could buy a pair of Lululemon pants, I wouldn’t. Sizism is not the way to gain new customers.

I chose to spend my hard earned money at local store who manufactures in Canada and carries clothing for any size. I chose to spend my time thinking about how I can stretch even further into my yoga poses, and not about my pants.

*This is not a sponsored post. These are my personal feelings*

  • http://nugglemama.ca Julia

    Great post and so true of lots of the fitness industry. They even have names for those people that start in January in the Gym and are out by Feb. And they hate them. Luckily I have met some awesome people who aren’t like that, but it sure doesn’t make me want to venture out of my house to work out. I am self conscious enough jogging, never mind sweating in a room full of muscle bound people.

    • http://www.techmommy.ca Tech Mommy

      Funny thing is, I have no problem being the plus sized girl in a room of people working out. It would have terrified me a couple of years ago, but it doesn’t anymore.

      I’ve come to realize that for the most part, people want to see you succeed. They are also way more concerned about how they look in the mirror than you do.

      It took some time, but I love group classes. You push yourself harder and you can’t beat the energy in the room :)

  • Cait

    I love this post. As usual. And agree 100%, although for sake of full disclosure, I am writing this whilst wearing my Old Navy yoga pants, which I pretty much live in from Friday to Sunday. And, as a plus, plus, plus-sized woman, it’s nice to have access to clothing that the little people (pun intended) get to wear.

    • http://www.techmommy.ca Tech Mommy

      I have a pair from Old Navy as well. My comfy PJ pair :)

  • Mark

    It’s true. I have a pair of lululemon sweat

  • Mark

    It’s true. I have a pair of lululemon sweat pants and they make my ass look like a peach. (they don’t make me any better at using my phone though. See mistake above.)

    • http://www.techmommy.ca Tech Mommy

      Of course your ass looks like a peach in your Lululemons. Your ass always looks good :)
      Just be a nice guy and don’t wear your yoga pants in public. Thanks!

  • Eri

    Ooh, where DO you buy your yoga pants? Because I want a comfy pair, but a) I won’t pay Lululemon prices, and b) I’m a size 14 so I’m shit out of luck as far as they’re concerned.

    • http://www.techmommy.ca Tech Mommy

      Hey Eri!
      I go see Kristi at Key-Lime Clothing. If you follow KL on FB, they have a lot of sales that you can take advantage of. Not cheap, but less than Lulu prices and they go up to a size 18. Old Navy has some as well. Good luck!

  • http://www.cocktaildeeva.com Dee Brun

    I am not very knowledgable on this subject as I have never even been inside a Lululemon store..Not because I don’t wear yoga pants but because I always thought their clothes
    were Fugly…

    I had no idea the CEO of the company was a complete Ass Hat…

    Besides if the pants were actually magic and made every woman’s ass look that good…we would all own them and never take them off…

    Well all the women under size 14 that is…The others are just going to have do without because according to “Chip”… their asses are not Lululemon worthy…

    Great post

    • Crimsonjen

      Lulu isn’t WORTHY of my ass!

      They want people to associate their company with slim women only and don’t want their branding applied to larger women. It’s their loss really. We buy athletic wear from companies who know that there is a market for it and appreciate it.

      Every thing Lulu says about boutique stores and extra fabric is merely a way to acknowledge that they will not be carrying average sizes or plus. No company would outright admit that they don’t want fat people wearing their label.

      We can bitch about it and petition them but in the end, they have shown their prejudice and therefore will not be getting any money from me even for buying a gift for a small bodied niece or what have you.

      find someone who appreciates your business and even when you CAN fit their clothes, don’t support them. Don’t use fitting into Lulu pants as your motivation and reward for becoming smaller sized. Focus on being fit and healthy at any size and feel good in clothes from other companies that fit and flatter your own size.

    • yogi

      one thing you maybe forgeting ,LULU were a great canadian company 7-10 years ago ,There clothes are now made cheaper ,they will not return faulty itiems like they used to,they expect yoga teachers who teach in there stores to do it for charity/free although they used to give them clothing
      Is it ant suprise that when they started cutting costs it was because NIKE owns them now !!!!! bought them for 30 million
      think about that next time u think ur buying canadian

    • AnotherFaux EmailAddy

      I pretty much don’t take them off! I have many pairs of Lululemon pants and wear them as often as I can. Nothing I own is more comfortable, or looks better. My ass is over 50 years old, but i guess it is LLL worthy. I love what Chip did and I can’t wait to see his NEW company and what cool things they make. I have no illusions that he makes them to make me happier or the world a better place- he makes them for shareholders! Yet, they DO make me happy and my being happy makes the world a better place (or do you think the world is better off when upper middle income, middle class, somewhat attractive people are sad?? Do you hate that group so much, you WANT us to be unhappy?), at least, it makes my view of the world a better place. ;-)

  • http://arandomsampling.com Sarah

    Key Lime will continue to receive my business as well!

    Appalling that a company like Lululemon, that touts health and wellness in all dimensions of life: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional can have such a shitty message to larger women.

    I mean seriously, WTF?

  • Jen

    Is that really what people are going to LLL for, to make their butt look good?! LOL! I’m just hoping no one is actually looking at mine! Am a bigger girl and wear LLLs because of performance for running and yoga… Still wear my 8 year old LLLs ad aside from slight fading they still have their oomph.

    Not a fanatic, only wear them for working out, I just surprised to hear the magical butt comments! Haha!

    And I wear workout gear for working out, only… that’s just a rumour about us YVR people…

  • http://www.painelsolarbrasil.com Emanuel

    nice read, Lululemone is one of the most strange things I ever saw
    how buyer agree to buy glass made wit silicon 28 dollar?
    how buyer paying 48 dollar for T shirt….

    all their product aren’t even mad by cotton….

    put all this chemical cloths and doing Yoga is ridicules
    do not buy from Lulu buy from small stores made home
    cheaper and better

    • http://Www.yahoo.com Carla

      This is called herd rules…
      Our world full of stupid heads

      • Jon

        Their items last for 5 years… if you have a broken zipper, tear, or hole, they fix your clothing. When you weigh out the cost benefit, their stuff is much better.

        There is also a reason why their stock and brand is worth so much. But hey, if a group of techmommys have an opinion, it must be the law.

        • fat bitch

          No one said it was the law. You failed the reading test.

        • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/TYT2NBNMQ2SHG4XLR67SMSW3SY Pooty

          Lets see where the stock is at the end of 2013 when Under Armour, Zella, Gap, etc are all selling comparable merchandise for 1/3 of the price. Thank god my wife got out when she did…and sold her stock when she did. LLL is going down, mark my words. if not down completely, down to mediocrity. You guys really don’t know the half of what its like to work there. These people are completely brainwashed on the kool-aid.

  • Johnny L

    If you want a nice looking ass then do the workout. The clothes don’t help at all. And if you somehow think that Lululemon will do it for you then you aren’t concentrating. The workout will give you a nice ass not the clothes.

    • fat bitch

      All this time I could have been concentrating harder? teach me the secret of your CONCENTRATION WEIGHTLOSS PLAN!!!

  • BusinessGuy

    Business is Business — and I agree with Chip.

    I have noticed some companies charging more for XXXL
    finally !!

    Kids clothes are cheaper because they use less fabric, it should be same for plus size adulets.. once you get past S-M-L – charge more.

    But the reality is 90% of my gym could wear LULU

    • Doc Marten

      What are you talking about? Most companies ALWAYS charge more for XXXL. You’re a fucking idiot, BusinessGuy.

  • Canadianpup

    Thank you SO MUCH for writing this post. As a plus size woman, I was upset of the lack of options for me at LLL, but was APALLED at how I was treated during my first (and only) visit to one of the stores. They might as well hung a sing outside saying “No fatties allowed”.

    I was there with a friend who is LLL’s target customer. An active 30 something with lots of cash and a tiny waist. While they could not do more to help her find another $60 top, I was left to stand there and just be stared at by the staff. No help or guidance offered, but I guess, why would they? I have never felt more uncomfortable to be in a store in my life. I felt so unwanted, I ended up waiting for my fiend outside. Their glares literally drove me out of the store.

    LLL makes it very clear who they want wearing their clothes, And if they don’t want to make plus sizes that is fine, but they should understand that most plus size woman would not mind paying a little more for the extra fabric. (cotton Ginny did so with their plus sizes for years).

    Unfortunutly, it’s too late for me, LLL will never have me as a customer. Now that I know there is a company that will appreciate my business, I will be shopping at Key Lime Clothing. LLL can kiss my (too fat for their liking) ass!

    • http://twitter.com/luluplussize luluplussize
      • AnotherFaux EmailAddy

        No! I will not! I can’t believe that 250 people would. How silly! If you don’t like Lulu’s advertising, vote with your dollars and don’t buy their things. If enough people want them to show models over 150 pounds, they will cave to market pressure. But if they do, let me reassure you that there will quickly be ANOTHER brand that doesn’t carry size 24 and doesn’t show models over 150 pounds (probably not over 115 pounds). Lululemon is giving us (the market) what we want.
        I’m a size 6. That isn’t the tiniest size of Lululemon. But, honestly, I would be less likely to look at advertisements with a woman my size, much less a larger size. Their size would distract from the clothes and the clothes are what Lulu wants me to see.

    • Jenna

      If your fat why would you want to wear lulu lemon anyways, to get made fun of? there is a reason they appeal to the thinner people because no one wants to see plus sizes in lulu lemon tights lets be honest here no effence

      • alisa

        Your an ignorant uneducated individual sweet cheeks, im so sorry that you are so insecure about yourself that you need to make fun of others. And its offense, not effence……….

        • jenn

          It is you’re, not your. It is I’m, not im. You should never start a sentence with a preposition. As for what Lulu Lemon Athletica does with their brand, that is their choice. I don’t agree with the bashing of ANY group.

          • D Harlo

            I read a study that found that people who correct others spelling mistakes are lacking mentally and have insecurities and are prone to depression. Seriously, Im, oh wait, “I’m” not making that up.

            Youre not for bashing any group but yet you just bashed a pus sized person? Who are you to say who wants to see who in what?

            So we can all see how attached you are to LLL. Someone said a bad thing about them online and it hurt your feelings?

            Poor thing, maybe some more selfies would make you feel better? Or some botox? I know, you can look in the mirror for a few hours judging yourself while crying on the inside.

            So maybe you can find the MILLIONS, perhaps BILLIONS of spelling errors online to booster your self esteem, or maybe make fun of someone else? Just like all the rest of the empty souls who need material objects to make themselves feel better…

            Thats right, I figured you out from just two of your posts.

      • Beau William Graham

        Hey snot rag some men like me like real women with curves not stick thin women with no curves. Get real

      • D Harlo

        And you have to wear LLL to cater to your insecurities?

        Not all 12-14 sizes are fat. Grow a brain and get over yourself.

    • JennyBean

      I think this kind of result is actually LLL’s aim, unfortunately.

  • Trina Boyd

    I am so irritated at LLL for spouting how they want the world to be healthier blah blah blah. I am doing my part to help the world, my prblem is Im a normal sized girl

    I am a size 12-14. I am their target market. I am a fitness instructor. Yet they refuse to cater to my needs. I need a proper bra with wide straps, I need higher quality workout gear. Yet LLL does not supply the market place with average sized yoga/dance/workout clothing. I will be checking out the above mentioned websites for clothing for real people.

    I come in contact with a lot of people and a lot of them ask where I get my clothing from. Guess we know where it isnt from.

    • http://twitter.com/luluplussize luluplussize

      I know exactly what you mean!!! I wear smalls in tanks and size 12 in the hips! Having some real glutes and quads makes it really hard to buy clothes. But- I’m working to change that.. I love lululemon’s clothes, I just want them to include a few more sizes… http://www.change.org/petitions/lululemon-athletica-include-plus-size-models

      • sarah722

        I wish more companies looked down on fatties instead of catering to them
        so that maybe you guys would stop being so comfortable with your morbid
        obesity and start getting serious about losing weight.

        • Sarah722isafatbitch

          I bet your an aneroxic ugly ass bitch I’m skinny and stuff but were all human dumb bitch ;3 lol get a life loser and maybe Ur just mad cause lululemon is maybe to expesive for your ugly huh? :P huh sarah?…

          • Marlon

            You got it wrong. The sexy thin ones attract wealthy me. The fatties,… well,…

          • JennyBean

            This person has way too much time on her hands, and not enough grammar to handle it.

        • Freshnuts

          wow. You’re a cunt. I hope you come back as an obese man in your next life.

        • graceeee

          I totally agree! Its time that American put some shame on being fat. Its crazy how that is so much political correctness for fat people, they should be told they are fat and maybe then they would do something about it. Same with fat kids, its embarrasing that there is a fat department for kids, they call its “husky”, how about call it was it is, fat, then the kids would know its not cute its embarrasing and maybe they would not want to be fat.

    • Jenna

      Size 8 is a normal sized girl

    • graceeee

      12-14 is not normal in any world I know, that is fat. and you claim to be an insturctor? Why would anyone go to a class where the instructor is fat?

      • Tall Girl

        Wow, you know it all. Yeah, I’d rather have a skinny neurotic control freak than a friendly, well trained instructor. Have you ever considered that skinniness does not define a person, but their character, especially as an instructor / teacher? And maybe, just maybe, you might want to consider body type and height. I’m 6 feet. Last time I fit in a size 10 was before my 14th birthday before I grew so tall. But thanks for telling me I’m fat.

      • D Harlo

        Size 12 isnt fat! Some people are built BIG. You dont have to be “fat” to be a size 12 dumb @$$

    • Mag

      Size 12-14 is neither normal or average… It’s much larger than average (size 6-8).

      • D Harlo

        Guess again. In America, size 12-14 is average for woman..,

        Maybe not in high school though, where woman have allot of growing to do. Both mentally and physically.

  • Soothersmaylive

    Stop whinning ya bunch of fatties and go workout in your non-LLL yoga pants instead of watching Oprah and eating ice cream all day long and you might just be able to fit into a pair of LLL’s

    • Your_mom_should_have_swallowed

       Hey dick head, don’t you think that bigger sized people work out? I’m a little on the bigger size and work out 6 days a week, I have the body type that will never be a size zero, but am pretty sure that I can outwork you any day. Pull your head out of your ass you skinny little punk and look at the world around you, you will notice that everyone has a right to wear workout clothes, especially if they are taking the move to go to the gym in the first place.
      People like you should be removed from the gene pool

      • Yarrrrrrrr

        You don’t work out 6 days a week. Liar…….

      • notfat

        you are not still fat if you work out 6 days a week you lying lard. or do you just stuff your face every meal and then wonder why you keep gaining weight? keep making excuses that being fat is just your “body type” though, i’m sure you were born fat

        • FFS

          OH FFS, size 14 is NOT fat. Especially at LLL sizing. There are some olympic athletes that wouldn’t fit into those pants.

          • Michael

            Bitch, a size 6 is fat. 14 is obese.

    • http://www.facebook.com/melissa.leitch1 Melissa Leitch

      hahahah so true

    • FFS

      There’s no way my BodyPump instructor would fit into those clothes, and I’m pretty sure she could bench press your stupid ass

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  • Fake1

    The reason they dont make plus sizes is because:


    If you dont fit into lululemon SUPRISE your over weight

    • fat bitch

      Everyone has the right to be comfortable and workout if they want to. Your need to see only “beautiful and thin” bodies at your gym makes you a total child. Maybe you should kill yourself.

      • Yarrrrr

        Don’t be jealous of skinnier people. Exercise and be skinny yourself. Saying you are big boned is just denial.

      • say no to fat women

        and maybe you should put the twinkies down fatty so that 1 day you can join us beautiful people in our LLL attire.

      • mads

        You just said he is a total child then.said.kill yourself…. lol, idiots.

      • Michael

        Fat people are funny to joke about, but telling someone to kill themselves in not funny at all. You are low-life, disgusting, scum, trash.

  • Technine

    I agree with what you’re saying, but you lost all credibility when you started the article saying your friends with a competitor! What you NEEDED to be shocked and appalled about is the $100 yoga pants price!

  • DBCooper

    Check out Zella at Nordstrom. They were designed by a former designer from LLL and are very similar in design and quality. Oh and they offer plus sizes too, so take THAT Chip!!

    • fitnesswithinyourreach

      Yes, Zella sizes are much bigger than Lululemon. Their size XS is really huge.

  • jiujitsu-girl

    I weigh 97 lbs and out of most of the yoga pants that I tried on, I was a size 6! I cannot even believe that. What kind of people are they fitting in those size twos?

    • http://www.facebook.com/melissa.leitch1 Melissa Leitch

      I fit their size 4… and in regular clothes im a size 0.

      • JennyBean

        That is odd. I am 5’4 and about 98-190 lbs. I can only fit into a size 2. I tried on a four and it was much too baggy. So I’m definitely a 2 (a 0 everywhere else and sometimes 00). I thought the fitting was pretty decent, but I guess I could be wrong.

    • Michael

      I’m a 6’0″, 145 lbs, male and I’m a size 2 in lulu pants. The men’s smalls are too big on me. They probably aren’t fitting you correctly if you actually do weigh 97 lbs… Originally I bought a size 8 and they were WAY too big on me. They always sagged and fell down.

  • e

    shrink your ass

    • fat bitch

      free your mind

  • mmmm

    I work at lululemon and we have employees that are 200 lbs, and many large woman as such coming into our store on a daily basis. We provide fit sessions in the fitting rooms in order to determine your size, the problem is these larger women never ever want the pants to feel as tight as they are supposed to! I saw a girl comment here saying she is 97 lbs and a size 6 – those pants are not doing their job on you (properly wicking sweat and acting in a compressive manner) I am 130 and a size 4 – everyone is different and needs to try on the clothes for themselves. They are supposed to be tight, very tight. Maybe you’re not comfortable in that tight of pants, but that’s your call, don’t blame an entire company. I see this every day.

    • http://twitter.com/luluplussize luluplussize

      My issue is that I never see a plus sized model come from lululemon. With a culture where 1/3 women have body image issues, why can’t lululemon work to show more of a variety of women’s bodies? I’m on the side that loves lululemon’s clothes, but the marketing is painful sometimes.

      • notfat

        probably because no one wants to see tight clothes on fat people/models

        • JennyBean

          They are aiming to SELL, not to assauge your conscience. They are not a charity. They are selling high quality, high branding, exercise/fitness clothes, and a fit lifestyle. All clothing designers do this (for the most part). Clothes look better on people of a slender weight. Of course they’re going to advertise towards their target market!

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/TYT2NBNMQ2SHG4XLR67SMSW3SY Pooty

      You sure those 200 ponders aren’t being “coached out”

  • mimi

    I usually wear size 00 (I am 5’1 tall, 95lbs, typical small asian), but my size at lulu is size 2 for pants…I tried their jacket size 2 then it was pretty snug on me (i dont have a big boobs..) so I dont know how they are making their sizes….
    I like their materials.so soft and I like that they make my size..I mean I usually struggle finding my size..(i HATE buying kids’ size)
    Lulue definately messed up with sizes though…

  • Curv lurv

    Gah! Look at Sportcheck, the Diadora line has cute yoga tops and pants in plus sizes!

    • stop eating

      Nothing cute about plus size.

  • Theranna

    I thought you should know. Last night, I researched Lululemon Plus Size and landed on your blog. You very eloquently stated the same issues that had bothered me about the lack of athletic attire geared to overweight women. So I went to the Lululemon Athletic Facebook page and stated those same points and directed them to this blog post. Who knows, we might get them moving in the ‘right’ direction.

  • Chaun

    Thank’s everyone was planning on gong there to by my daughter some clothes for Xmas, but after what the CEO said they wnt be getting any of my $, I don’t like there clothes and the staff well they may look ok but they def need more education in customer service..LLL shld be ashamed of themselves,and yes there prices are ridiculous for what you get…Happy Shopping Ladies and thx for info

  • Jon lulu

    Obviously, everyone here is jealous of people who actually DO fit into LLL sizes. I love their stuff and they DO promote healthy living. If you’re average-tall in height… so 5’8-5’10… and you’re a size 14… chances are, your BMI is in the overweight to obese category. Hit a treadmill, get off the chips… lululemon is amazing. Don’t hate.

    • fat bitch

      So, is that your expert advice? Like if I just lay off the chips and work out more…I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!!!!!! People have different bodies and metabolisms and you are not an expert on nutrition. Shut the fuck up. Calling people jealous is school yard bitchiness and I’m guessing you are over eighteen. So, good luck out in the world being a prejudicial bitch. Enjoy your thin privilege, I’m sure you never eat chips or skip a day at the treadmill.

      • Carlie

        Being thin is simple. There are lots of complicated and complex things in the world, but weight isn’t one of them. Its a simple equation of how much you eat and how much you exercise.

        Also,have you ever noticed that it is only the overweight people who say things like “people have different metabolisms” or “I’m just big boned” just to justify being overweight? There is no excuse. You CAN lose weight and be healthy, its just a question of whether you want to put in the effort or not.

        • Jess

          Actually people DO have different metabolisms and I say that as someone who has been UNDERWEIGHT my whole life. I’ve been on special diets to gain weight. I have to eat lots of protein to keep a healthy weight. I digest food at an extremely fast rate (I also eat smaller portions more often than big portions less often). Bigger girls have picked on me for years for being thin. They seem to think I starve myself, like many thin girls think all bigger girls overeat. That isn’t always true.

          • Michael

            Girl, you rock your skinniness! It’s a gift from God! Don’t eat more than you have to!

        • FFS

          It’s actually NOT only overweight people who say that. I am a size 6, I am not overweight. People have different metabolisms. You are an idiot.

          • Michael

            size 6 IS overweight lol

            • FFS

              on WHAT PLANET? lol you don’t know WTF you’re talking about. Size 6 is a SMALL or sometimes extra small.

            • Heather


        • Heather

          Holy. Shit. Are you 12? Of course people have different metabolisms. I’ve been an athlete all my life and I have personally witnessed the weight loss or gain associated with being in training during season or letting myself go a bit during the off-season, as compared with how I am eating. I am also very aware of my own metabolism and I know right where my fat goes and how to eat to cater to it, but it’s a lot of work to stay at a weight. “Being thin is simple”? What are you on?

        • Jill

          Being thin is NOT simple. Although it is obvious, many skinny idiots who commented here are most likely simple in the brain. Not sure how old you “skinny” people are, but my best guess is 22 on average. People come in all shapes and sizes, people also have illnesses and stresses that obviously none of you have.

          Most of you have no problem being incredibly rude and out-of-line. It’s easy when you say moronic comments anonymously, isn’t it? When half of you find out you can’t keep up your anorexic lifestyles past 30, remember how crass and cruel you were here. I was thin most of my life, never that ugly as sin skinny you see with models (and yoga-wearing non-athletes). I also was in the fashion business and know exactly how clothes look on skinny people. The answer is awful! The best bodies are toned and have balance. When you’re 5′-5″ and weigh 95 pounds; you look like a stick. Sticks are not attractive.

          At my thinnest, I was about a size six and many thought I was too thin then. Being proud of wearing a size “00” is just sad. There shouldn’t be that many “00”s out there. It means most of you are starving yourselves to look that way. That is hypocritical. (Not sure most of the grammar-manglers will understand, they may have to look that word up).

          We’re supposed to be supportive of each other. I can’t believe some of the horrible comments I see on this post. Our society has become so obtuse. My question is, I have had illnesses and gained weight because of them. So, I’m not allowed to work-out wearing your elitist clothing while I get back in shape? You are what we call fashion-victims. Simple, no taste, trend-followers, with no individual thoughts.

    • FFS

      I fit in their clothes but I wouldn’t. I’m not jealous.

      FTR, average height is well below 5’8″. and BMI is total bullshit. According to BMI pretty much every professional athlete is obese.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kchapmanwilson Karen Chapman Wilson

    I have friends who are devoted Lulu fans who recently had a conversation about the degrading quality of the clothes since they moved production to China. I doubt they lowered their prices, so that alone dissuades me from ever buying their stuff. No one can give me a solid reason to spend the money anyway. What’s so much better about them? I have had yoga pants from Costco that cost me $7/ea. that have lasted 5 years. Sure, some are falling apart, but they were $7. I can replace them without breaking the bank.

    Most plus-sized clothes *are* more expensive than the “regular” sized equivalent. The companies that carry both usually make sure there’s enough difference between the styles that you can’t do a direct comparison and complain or they segregate the departments with petite in between so you can’t easily compare.

    I once went to Additionelle one spring and saw a short sleeve blazer I liked. It was $75 which isn’t bad, but I decided to wait until it was on sale because it wasn’t that important to me for a limited use item. A few months later, the tags had been changed to show the regular price as $125 and the sale price was $74.99. I don’t shop at Additionelle anymore.

    Just because my body is bigger doesn’t mean my brain doesn’t work well enough to see I’m being hosed.

  • duh

    Ummm plus size isnt healthy and size 14 isnt average

    • fat bitch

      Please feel free to prove any of your above comments with peer-reviewed scientific accounts about the necessary connection between size and health. I would think since you are so sure you have proof waiting in the wings. Also, when it comes to what is average is this like the average you hope for or the average you know about?
      Baseless assertions are a waste of time on a thoughtful blog like this.

      • Yarrrrrr

        You are clueless

      • notfat

        denial is not just a river in egypt. put down the tub of ben and jerrys and try taking responsibility for yourself for once

    • riisriis

      you do realize that size 14 is probably the average size because of the wide range of sizes. The avg woman you will see is not a size 14 but because of the morbidly obese (though they may be small in number compared to the “normal” and “overweight but not obese”) they are so large that the number is skewed upward.

      • D Harlo

        Says who, you?

        The same can be said that LLL is skewed downwards.

    • D Harlo

      Uhmmm yeah 12-14 is average in America.

  • Oleander

    I am the right size for their clothes, but everytime I get their newsletter, they are sold out of the color I want in my size, but have lots of other weird colors. This is because their designers want to keep making new stuff, according to the reply I got to my complaint. So unless you are a shopoholic who runs to their website every day, you are too late to get the stuff you like. You are right, if they can make men’s sizes they can make plus sizes. And there are people of all sizes, shapes and ages in my Bikram class. I am always happy to see anyone getting serious about being fit and just getting in there and doing it regardless of starting point.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mconklinmaxwell Michele Conklin Maxwell

    I am with you! I went online in search of these pants as I too was told how they lift and hold in all the right places. To my dismay, size 12 is not only the largest but every time I click on an item, size 10 is the max. So apparently the 12’s aren’t actually available. Disgusting discrimination really. I have dieted myself to a 12 and am still told I am not worthy. Yes, my goal is to lose more weight. Mark my words, when I do, this bod will not be wearing lululemon.

    • MP

      It’s not discrimination lol. Being fat is a CHOICE. Discrimination would be not selling their clothing to blacks, gays, or jews for example. You’re not worthy btw.

  • zkyesh

    yoga requires as little clothing as possible so pants are a pretty bad idea for yoga anyway

  • notfat

    if you did real exercise for an hour and a half instead of yoga you’d be
    able to fit into fucking lululemon yoga pants, you fucking fatbrained

  • sarah722

    I wish more companies looked down on fatties instead of catered to them so that maybe you guys would stop being so comfortable with your morbid obesity and start getting serious about losing weight.

  • Amanda

    To the girl who says she is 97lbs and needed a six at LLL,

    You are either lying or less than 5ft tall, which you should mention because being that short would make a difference. I’m 140lbs 5ft 5in and I wear a 6 or an 8, which is the same size I wear everywhere else.
    If lululemon says that you don’t fit into their target then start your own line of work out wear for plus sized women. If there is so much of a market for it (and I think there very well might be) then go for it. Lululemon started because there was a niche in the market for work out clothing that didn’t suck. Clothing retailers aren’t obligated to make clothes that fit every size and shape of person, they just make what they think they can make a profit from. The only two things that you can do is call them out on not having what you are looking for and/ or start your own company that is based on what you are looking for. Complaining about it is less likely to get you what you want.

  • Joey Joe Joe

    Heffers need not go to LLL

  • Carly Spencer

    I am 5’3″ and 320 lbs. I have been working out 6 days a week and have lost 3 lbs in the last 7 weeks. Success at last! I have cut back my daily caloric intake from 4500 calories to 3700. It has been a huge struggle but so far, worth it.

    I really wish that LLL would make a line of clothing for me.

    • MP

      stupid fat bitch. 3700 calories is WAYYY too much for a girl at 5’3″. 3lbs in 7 weeks is pathetic. Maybe stop eating and you can get to the way I naturally look.

  • Lola

    You have to understand that LLL is a company. They’re not actually trying to make the world a better place. They SAY they are, so that people will buy more of their stuff. People are like “Wow this is such a nice company, trying to creater better healthier lives for people” – which makes them buy the stuff. In the end the only thing companies ever strive for is making money. And since they probably won’t sell much plus size clothing (most people that big probably don’t exercise anyway) is makes sense money-wise not to make clothing that big. The world is all about MONEY. Deal with it and stop complaining.

    • http://www.facebook.com/grace.pedrotti Grace Pedrotti

      most people my age wear their LLL pants ALL THE TIME, as leggings under tops, yoga pants with hoodies, its like Nike, they aren’t just work out clothes.

  • Jenny Bean

    I really don’t think Lululemon, underneath it’s ramblings, is catering speifically for Yoga participants. The simple explanation is that the clothes look wonderful on. I’m an attorney and the guys at my firm have nothing but positive things to say about “yoga pants”, and how well they look on girls. The pants DO make you look great, and they are comfortable and smart looking. Throughout law school, it seemed that no one wore anything BUT lululemon, lol.

    This artcile is intriguing to me, because I have the opposite problem. I can only fir into a size 2 – anything else is too big. And the store don’t carry much variety wise in the way of 2’s. Lately I’ve just been ordering online.

    But whatever they say about fitness – that is not what they are about. Use some common sense. The store exists to satisfy its shareholders and turn profits. It does this by offering a great, flattering, “healthy” style of clothing. Lululemon is banking on the IDEA of a fit life, rather than actually inducing one (although I figure skate and lululemons are the BEST for that). Their brand has an image. It’s all photos of fit, healthy, conditioned people – partaking in some sort of sport or activity. That’s what they want their clothes to represent – attractive/fitness. They could care less HOW fit people are. People are just buying into the idea of being healthy. Everyone likes the idea of being thin and healthy, they usually just dont want to actually DO what it takes to be thin and/or healthy.

    The idea that Lululemon doesn’t make plus sizes shouldn’t be a surprise. They are not the first to design a clothing line which does not accommodate certain figures. Abercrombie do the same sort of thing – and there are a million more. Their profits depend entirely on their image. People buy the image because they want to feel “healthy” and “fit” – even if they are not. Like all advertising – it is designed to encourage people to buy themselves into a new lifestyle. The fact that lululemon doesn’t supply plus sizes is their choice. It would sort of ruin the identify of their entire brand if people who were incredibly overweight were seen to be wearing it. I’m not saying it’s for the good – it’s just how it is. For lululemon to be successful, they need sales. To achieve sales, they need a stellar image to support them. People usually want to buy in to something they feel will make them a “better” person – or which will give them a new “lifestyle”. If lululemon lost that athletic/yoga/fitness charade, it would depreciate their image to the public. Sales would go down. They would lose huge profits.

    Every business – after all – exists to make a profit. And unfortunately the reality is that if they did produce plus size clothes, and charged more – people would be completely indignant, and probably angrier than they are now. And if – as you suggested – they offered lower prices for especially thin people in the size 2s – let’s not pretend that this would cause an almighty uproar. It might be considered discrimination. Now, not ONLY are you paying more, but people who are blessed enough to be thin – they’d be paying even LESS. Let’s just call it what it is – overweight people would flip their lids if they had to pay more, while the skinny ones paid less.

    The issue that you have is the same one facing thin people all over. I have Crohn’s and am very thin, and it is difficult for me to find clothes to fit. I LOVE lululemon. Do I know it costs them less to make my clothes than other sizes? Of course. But I dont run around harping and complaining and writing woe-is-me articles. It is what it is. It’s the same in almost everything. It costs much more for an airplane to fuel an overweight passenger than a thin one. Airlines have admitted obviously this is true, but of course they can hardly go around giving you a seat price based on your weight. So if you flip things around – thin people have the same problem, already in place. We have to pay more for an item of less quantity than an average-weight person’s size. But we just get on with it, and accept it.

    Lululemon knows quite well that people buying plus sizes would be furious if their thinner counterparts were getting the same thing for less. No one is even remotely fooled that this wouldn’t be the case. And indicating that lululemon has no interest in the lives of plus size people – that’s probably correct. But it seems a bit ironic that you accuse the store of acting as a barrier between heavier people fro exercise. That is utterly ridiculous. People exercised LONG before lululemon came a long. Suggesting that a brand of yoga pants not accommodating your size directly means that they don’t want to encourage people to have a healthier life style, is ridiculous. You don’t need yoga pants to work out. In fact, I love my lululemons, and I never work out in them. They are definitely not necessary for embarking on a weight loss program.

    And beside all of that – getting incredibly angry and defensive when the article accused overweight people of being “very sensitive”, kind of ironically completely proved the point.

    • Kristi

      This is an absolutely amazing reply and I really hope EVERYONE who reads this article reads your reply. It was incredibly well thought-out, smart, and thought-provoking.
      As someone who is very thin (not on purpose), I find it very difficult to find clothes that fit me. Finding jeans that don’t fall down? Next to impossible – I need a belt with everything. Yet, I don’t complain that all my favourite denim manufacturers don’t make smaller sizes.
      I think, furthermore, it appeals to the majority. I view it like TV shows – when people make TV shows, they have no intention of having 100% of all demographics watching their show. That’s why they appeal to specific demographics – Lululemon is appealing to the size 2-12 young women who like the “sporty” fashion style, just like Ricki’s appeals to young to middle-aged women who like the “professional” fashion style (though, yes, they have more sizes).

      • D Harlo

        The thing is, 12-14 is average. That is the point of this article I think.

        Your kind of skinny isnt average, sorry.

        So yeah, I guess LLL wants to cater to a certain type of person. Thats fine. The real world just wont shop there I guess.

  • mama d

    thank you for posting this. i am a size 10 and short & cannot find a “brand-name” pair of yoga pants (or tanks since i’m 36DD) so far that fit well. After checking their website and seeing only long and lean girls modeling Lululemon clothing, I found your post. LLL will not be getting my business

  • Coremaven

    Ladies, have you heard about this new fitness couture clothing company, http://www.TummyTrimmerz.com yet? They carry XL, 1X and 2X sizes. Their fabric is 16 ounces per linear foot (so it provides max coverage) and their inseam and tummy control panel/waist smoothes your tummy jiggle just right.

    I discovered the company recently and am OBSESSED with their bootcut pants.

  • Michael

    Stupid bitch! The reason lulu doesn’t make plus sized clothes is because no one wants to see a fat bitch in tight yoga clothes!! Maybe loose some weight and you can be a size two lulu like me. #sorrynotsorry

  • Michael

    And for all you hoes saying size two isn’t a “real person” take your middle finger and shove it up your fat ass wide set vagina

  • Michael

    Women shouldn’t be proud to be plus sized. They should be working harder to become normal

    • Beau William Graham

      And skinny chicks shouldnt be proud of that either.

    • D Harlo

      And what is normal exactly? Average woman in America is sized 12-14

      What YOU think is normal, 7 billion other people *might* just disagree with you smart guy

  • QB

    Seriously we should do to the fat people what hitler did to the Jews. The world would be a better place.

    • Doc Marten

      Hey, QB-YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE. Go gas yourself.

  • RJay

    Why would anyone wear lululemon stuff anyway? It’s shit-ass ugly, no matter the size.

  • Alana

    I also wonder weather or not the rumor about child labor is true about LLL. I’m 5’10 and have wanted to purchase their clothes but some of the rumors about LLL is a little creepy

  • justagirl

    One of the main issues is that people put too much stock into what brands people are wearing. If you want to wear the product, then do so. if not, then don’t! If you are intimidated by what you see other people wearing, it’s your own insecurity. Work on getting yourself into the state of mind and health that you need, stop measuring yourself by other people’s standards. Support companies you like, don’t finance ones you disagree with. It’s simple.

  • julie mahoney

    So if this company will not accommodate women who are larger than a size 12, can anyone recommend a company that WILL? I am a size 14 and cannot find yoga tops to fit ME!

  • Megan P

    I put these yoga pants on once and had another women hit on me…I am strictly dickly, threw them right away and never wore another pair again!

    Plus, it should have been a red flag, when I went to buy a pair everyone wearing them were really, really ugly in the face..,.skinny otherwise, but when they turned around, it was not pleasant!

  • zeke199

    I’m amazed how brutal some people are over body image!! What matters most is what’s on the inside, and don’t forget it manifests on the outside one way or another in weight, scowl or smile, acts of kindness or selfishness, worry lines on the face, health issues, etc. Deal with your inside & the outside appearance won’t matter as much, since it shouldn’t anyway!!

  • zeke199

    Irony of ironies – People scream how unfair it is to be judged or discriminated against due to their weight, yet they demand other people & companies be discriminated against in offering clothes for their target customers. Look at the many other areas of your life & see if you believe the same should be true.

    It’s a 2-way street – if Lululemon could be forced to sell larger sizes, does that mean it would be fair for the government to force anyone with BMI > 25 to stop eating sweets & be restricted to 500 calories per day. Be careful what you wish……

    Irony #2: Michelle Obama has repeatedly announced her “war on obesity” & how horrible it is to be overweight, yet most people crying foul about being labeled obese are her staunchest supporters. Does anyone else here see the inconsistency & hypocrisy? Why is it OK for her to call it what it is – unhealthy & destructive, yet no one else can say it without triggering sensitivities???

    Life is about making choices, hopefully good rather than bad. Life is also about taking responsibility for YOUR choices, not excusing or blaming them on someone or something else. Lululemon is a store, not Satan personified, so don’t shop there if you’re offended. Better yet, don’t be so easily offended!!!

  • FitZonePLUS

    Great post and really great blog! For those of you that you don’t attend yoga classes because of size discrimination, difficulty with poses and/or intimidation…there are classes for you. FitZonePLUS offers modified yoga, zumba and group personal training classes for anyone who is plus size and/or intimated by or just plain sick of the typical yoga or fitness environment. There are modified classes, regular classes and specialty classes. We will be offering plus size yoga and zumba retreats in the USA and Mexico starting in February 2013. NOTE…full disclosure, I am the owner of FitZonePLUS. I sincerely hope this post doesn’t break any ‘comment rules’ but I see this as more than flagrant self promotion. It’s not about the bottom line for me, it’s about providing safe, supportive, non judgmental space for people who have had enough of the prejudice and just want to get healthy without all the attitude! To date I have over 70 heartfelt testimonials from people whose lives have been majorly and forever changed by FitZonePLUS and I hope this post will help many more by encouraging them not to give up.

  • yycspinner

    try out http://www.icecreamwear.com – they are priced about the same as LLL, but you pick your size, fabric, everything. and made here in Canada. Shipping is cheap too!

  • Vancouver604

    A size 12 is an extra large, and I agree with the owner. If you went into the store an saw the price tag of, lets say a size 14, and it was $15 more you would be furious even though it makes complete sense that a size 14 with more fabric should not be the same price as a size 2. Lululemon has a certain look and if that doesn’t suite you then maybe you should try a different outfitter.

  • kim

    am I reading this right??? Plus sized “workout” clothing??? Sorry it seems a little off to me. Sorry to say but I am pregnant 6 ft tall and 60 pounds of weight gain and I still fit there clothing at a size 8-10. I bought a baggy pair of size 12 pants once. Why not wear some other brands to workout and if you actually “work out” you will fit into a pair of lulu’s! Why dont you go try to buy a juicy couture track suit or another designer? Oh right because they only cater to small woman. I cant even fit there clothes nicely but I’m not complaining. Just makes me want to drop the prego weight . Seriously stop complaining and acting like the victim and get up and do something about it!!

  • Tall Girl

    Thanks for the blog entry! Enjoyed reading it.

    I’m really shocked at how so many people in the comments are so unfriendly towards what they consider a plus size. Why do we do that? Why don’t we allow people to be different? There are such harsh remarks towards women who for some reason wear larger sizes. In my case, it’s because I’m very tall. But people seem to accuse me for wearing a size 12. I have never given anybody any comment about them being petite. Why would I? People are different. Grow up and accept it.

  • no name

    Spandex is a privilege… not a right.

  • Murdoch

    I’m just reading this n I’d like to pnt out that there is no way the blogger could have stepped into the lulu on whyte in the early 90’s considering lulu opened its first store in Kits/Vancouver in 1999!

  • Augustus

    I’m sorry but this is pathetic. You don’t hear skinny people bitching about them not being able to fit into plus size clothing. Lulu lemon is made for skinnier people. Their are different workout stores and yoga clothing company’s that carry plus sizes. People need to understand that different stores are made for different people… Grow up.

  • D Harlo

    Amen to that!

  • nogoodnews

    I’m a Victoria’s Secret VSX gal myself. it’s attractive .. it’s beautiful and if you wait for the semi annual sales … it’s a deal!! Lululemon is like namebrand clothing for highly conservative ladies that want to wear a lot of gray and dark colors… has little style… The cut is very bland I would almost expect to see it at Walmart… lol.

  • Jennifer Mulcahy


  • Samantha C

    I would like to add my two cents to the discussion…lol
    I have been on both sides of the coin…very overweight by like 100
    Pounds and at a normal weight as well. I can honestly say that as an obese
    person I felt horrible and struggled to lose weight.
    I was depressed low self esteem and never wanted to go out of my home.
    Losing weight is NOT easy..but it’s not hard as ppl say it is.
    It takes effort and consistency. Choosing healthier options and getting my ass of the sofa everyday and moving. This adds up and before I knew it I’d lost 120 pounds in 18 months. I also am older in my 40’s and have hypothyroidism Hashimotos disease so it’s not like I just dropped the weight easily. Takes work and patience. So for all the complainers saying they cant lose any weight…I say bullshit to that!